Terms and Conditions of Sale

Freight and Order Charges

Freight charges are the responsibility of the customer and will only be credited in the event of a shipping error by Exertis USA. Otherwise, freight charges will NOT be credited. This includes freight for:

  • Refused Deliveries
  • Authorized Returns with a valid RMA#
  • Customer is responsible for all round trip freight costs on all shipments refused due to order cancellation.

Exertis USA will ship via customer choice of 3rd party carrier, but reserves the right to in a future bill, pass on any accessorial fees associated with these orders. Damages, and lost shipments, are the responsibility of the owner of the 3rd party account.

Exertis USA will process direct shipments from its manufacturer partners in the event that Exertis USA does not have the inventory in its facilities. In the event of a manufacturer direct shipment, a $5 handling charge will apply.

Standard freight policies of Exertis USA will apply. Freight billings may follow actual shipment and may appear on a separate invoice to follow. Direct shipments are considered special orders and are non-cancelable, non-returnable, all freight charged for refusal of a special order is the responsibility of the customer. ALL Refurbished, Deal of the Day, B-Stock, or Demo items are sold As-Is, FINAL Sale and are non-cancelable, non-returnable.

Exertis USA is not responsible for shipping errors for orders shipping directly from a manufacturer. Customer is responsible for all freight charges.

Minimum order is $100 for a single PO. A $ 5 small order charge will be applied to the estimated freight cost for any order less than $100. Exertis USA reserves the right to charge freight on an actual invoice to follow.

Exertis USA charges mandatory shipping insurance as a separate line item on all orders and reserves the right to charge a fuel surcharge.

All product purchased and received through Exertis USA, should be examined by recipient upon receipt. Notify Exertis USA, as specified herein, of all discrepancies or refusals to accept delivery of purchased products.

Such notice must be reasonably detailed and explain the discrepancy or why the purchase was refused. All invoice discrepancies including but not limited to short shipments, lost shipments, concealed damages and requests for POD should be reported to Exertis USA within 3 days. If the purchaser does not give Exertis USA such notice as stated herein, the purchaser, as of the date of shipment, agrees that the products have been accepted and will be paid in accordance to terms.

As a valued customer of Exertis USA, you are eligible to return product based on the following terms and conditions.

Requirements for RMA

The purchaser MUST obtain a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Exertis USA Customer Care department on all returns. RMA’s will be issued, at Exertis USA’s sole discretion, in accordance with the above terms and conditions. The purchaser must provide an account number and information, as required by Exertis USA, for all returns. RMA’s are valid 15 calendar days from the date of issuance. The purchaser must allow for in-transit time for product return; Exertis USA must physically receive products within the allotted 15 calendar days. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the RMA number is clearly written and visible on the shipping label only of product when it is returned to Exertis USA. The RMA numbers must not be written directly on the manufacturers box, a label must be used. Exertis USA will refuse delivery of any boxes without a valid and visible RMA number as noted above, a fee may be charged if box is not in 100% resalable condition. The warehouse will inspect all product returned.

Exertis USA also reserves the right to refuse the return of products that are no longer in production or are being produced or published by a manufacturer that:

  1. is insolvent
  2. has declared bankruptcy
  3. will not accept returns from Exertis USA.

The following Information is needed to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization:

  • Invoice/PO number
  • Exertis USA product number
  • Reason for return
  • Serial number (if applicable)

Please contact [email protected] or visit access.almo.com to submit your RMA request.

Due to the accelerated depreciation of products if your return does not arrive at our warehouse within 15 days, an additional fee may be issued to your account or the return may be refused.

Unauthorized returns

Any Products received to Exertis USA:

  1. Without a valid RMA number including product shipments refused by the purchaser and the purchaser’s customer (except those damaged in transit from Exertis USA to purchaser or from Exertis USA to purchaser’s customer)
  2. Later than 15 days from the RMA date
  3. In a condition unsuitable for resale (excluding defective product) will be considered an unauthorized return.

Exertis USA will refuse these unauthorized returns back to the purchaser or the purchaser’s customer. In addition, the purchaser must pay a $50 processing fee per shipment plus related freight charges. If the purchaser refuses the return shipment of unauthorized returned goods from Exertis USA or returns the unauthorized items back to Exertis USA a second time without Exertis USA’s prior authorization, the purchaser agrees to relinquish all rights, the title and waives all claims against Exertis USA for credit related to such products.

Stock Balance Returns with Prior written authorization ONLY

Exertis USA does not issue returns for “stock balancing.” Any customer requests to return excess inventory are handled on a case-by-case basis. Customer will pay a restocking charge and all freight expenses. These charges are mandatory and are in addition to any other requirements as set forth between customer and Exertis USA. A valid RMA# must be issued for all returns. Customers will be charged a 25% restocking charge.

Additional requirements include:

  • Accounts must be current to receive an RMA # for stock balance.
  • End-of-life product cannot be returned.
  • Credit will be issued at current selling price or original purchase price which ever is lower, for use towards a future purchase with Exertis USA.

Defective Returns

Every effort will be made to channel defective and DOA returns directly to the manufacturer. Exertis USA will refer the customer to the manufacturer direct versus issuing a RMA for return to Exertis USA. Exertis USA will assist in expediting a response from the manufacturer. Manufacturers’ policies are subject to change without notice. Please consult with your sales representative during sale for the return guidelines.

All products returned as DOA or defective to Exertis USA will be tested; any product found not to be defective or DOA will be subject to return to the customer, at the customer’s expense, and a processing fee will be assessed.

If you have a DOA or defective product, please contact customer care team at 1-800-398-5652. A representative will then direct you on how to obtain technical support for your product. Often times the technical support call will assist you in reviewing the manufacturer’s installation procedures to rule out incompatibility. The call can help you to avoid the time and expense of returning a product.

Exertis USA will not issue a replacement or exchange product. Any product needed to replace a defective product must be ordered through Exertis USA by customer with a new and valid customer purchase order. Exertis USA will not place an order on customer’s behalf for a replacement shipment.

Exertis USA is not responsible for freight cost associated with defective products.

Damaged Returns

Damaged Returns are only for product purchased through Exertis USA.

Shipping Damage [visible damage to box/carton]

  1. Complete care and attention should be given to each shipment received by customer.
  2. Customer is advised to inspect all packages prior to signing the Driver’s Release paperwork. Once the Driver’s Release paperwork has been signed without noting any damages, the customer has accepted responsibility of the shipment and no shipping damage claim will be honored.
  3. Any box, carton or other visible damage must be noted on the Driver’s Release paperwork in order to file a shipping claim.

Concealed Damage [no visible damage to boxes/carton, including, but not limited to, glass breakage]

  1. Concealed Damage claims are the responsibility of the customer
  2. Customer contacts appropriate vendor directly

In order for Exertis USA to process your freight claim most efficiently the following should occur:

  • Contact the Exertis USA Customer Care Center at 1-800-398-5652 within 24 hours of the date of delivery to report the claim.
  • Provide customer service with product condition, contact name and phone number where package is at (Must be the same as delivered to address on order).
  • Carrier will inspect and/or pick up the damaged package as well as leave a call tag pick up receipt for your records.
  • In the event that the inspection does not take place or your product is not picked up within five business days, please contact Exertis USA customer care team.

Shipping Guidelines

In order for Exertis USA to process your return in a timely manner, please review the information and follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Use the original manufacturer’s boxes and packaging.
  • Package all returns to prevent damage in transit.
  • Do not write addresses or RMA number on the outside of manufacturer’s boxes. Products must be in resalable condition to receive credit.
  • All returns must have RMA clearly written on shipping label of product.
  • All returns must be complete including all components, accessories, cables, software and manuals in the original shipment.
  • All returns must be received by Exertis USA within 15 days from the date the RMA is issued.
  • Returns must be shipped freight and insurance pre-paid.
  • Additional fees may apply to returned products, i.e., re-box, label removal, re-shrink.

Applicable Charges

Exertis USA reserves the right to apply all applicable charges to an invoice at its discretion without prior written notice.

Exertis USA reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice.